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The delightful and harmonious composition of this artwork captures the essence of simplicity and natural beauty. Two juicy mandarin oranges take center stage, radiating warmth with their vibrant orange peels. A vase in turquoise stands beside them contrasting the scene colors. A refreshing green spring creates a serene and balance setting. The perfect blend of turquoise, orange, and green hues brings a sense of tranquility to the artwork, making it a captivating and inviting piece that celebrates the joy of simple pleasures and the beauty of nature.

Still-life with Mandarines 10*10 in

  • Oil on wood

  • Wood is 0.7 inch thikness. Sides are painted in dark brown. There are d-rings hanger on the back which can be hanged on a nail or a hook. You also may place it on the wall with the Gorilla tape but be cautious as it may be less safe.

    Framing is not required but can be done. If framed no mat, no glass needed.

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