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This tiny artwork showing a wide transparent vase stands as a portal to nature's delicate beauty. Within its crystal-clear confines, a vibrant tapestry of small purple flowers come to life, each petal a brushstroke of vivid color. The transparent vessel effortlessly bridges the gap between the natural world and human admiration, offering a glimpse of the exquisite details that often escape the casual gaze. This portrayal captures the essence of fleeting moments, where the elegance of the blossoms is immortalized in a harmonious dance of transparency and color.

Mini #10 A Tiny Drop of Purple 5*4 in

  • Oil on canvas board

  • There are a few ways to use this piece in your interior:

    - frame the mini and hang it on a wall (see example photo),

    - mount on a mat and frame in 8*10 in frame (see example photo),

    - place on a little easel and put it on the shelf or table, for instance, at your desk see example photo,

    - put a magnet on the back and place it on a whiteboard or your fridge.

    Above you can choose your preferred configuration. The photos are for visualization purposes; you will receive your chosen Mini in the configuration you select.

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